Savez-vous les verbes?

Need to conjugate a verb? This is the site for you.

Walk, talk and learn-grammar by walks through Paris-super cool!

Helpful sites for conjugating

Verbcasts-French grammar on your Ipod -oui, oui, download how to's about verb tenses. (Collect the whole set!) The Verb 2 Verbe conjugator switches between any form of English or French verbs.
-er verbs
Je google, tu googles, il google… (googler? un verbe er)
-ir verbs
-re verbs
accent changing
common irregular verbs
lots of review
type 1 irregular
type 2 irregular
type 3 irregular

passé composé
passé composé avec être- une histoire
verbs that take à and de Victor Hugo-passé composé
future and conditionnel
How to form the future tense-a video by students in the UK.
passé simple
Passe Simple-practice

La Maison d'être


être Verbs-Dr. Mrs. Vandertramp