Portfolio #4- IB Prep II-Fini le 21 avril

  1. Français IB Prep log 2008 sheet.doc
    external image msword.png IB Prep portfolio rubric 2008.doc
  2. Download a copy of this page, the log sheet and the rubric and put them in your notebook for this month. Cite your souces in MLA format.
  3. Une carte interactive de la FranceCreate a collage of pictures of 12 of the cities we have on our class map. Use this map to locate cities and sites. Choose two pictures for each cities. Label the city and the site in French. (48 points)

  4. La Gastronomie des regions/provinces de la France--Examine this site. Select one region from the list and do a study about the food specialities and the gastronomie in general. Design an informational brochure (using all sides) in French about the gastronomie of this region. Include pictures, maps, and 250-300 words of text (your own text). Make it professional and easy to follow. Must be computer generated. (100 points writing grade) Cite your sources-MLA.
  5. Les animaux de la ferme-un jeu-mettez votre score sur le log.
  6. Le, La, L' Les in front of countries. Record your score.
  7. L'arbre de famille pour les rois (kings) et les reines (queens) de France. Make a list of 20 people on this whose names sound interesting to you. (20 points) Put this exercise on your log sheet and in your notebook.
  8. Bébé Lilly et les Pirates: Watch this fun video and make a list of 30 words you understand in French. Then, using you adjectives write 3 sentences describing three of the characters. (36 points) Put both of these exercises on your log sheet and in your notebook.
  9. Honoré de Balzac-Research in French this famous French author from the 19th century. Write his bio in French using 100-125 words. (your own). Cite your sources-MLA. Then write a paragraph in English about his literary characters, themes and purpose.
  10. A story about Napoleon by Balzac: Read the story and create a graphic organizer to indicate to me that you understood the story and that you could the Balzac's literary style and themes in this story.
  11. In French write a reflection summary about your challenges and learnings for this past month.