IB Prep I Portfolio #6

  1. Français IB Prep log 2008 sheet.doc
  2. external image msword.png IB Prep portfolio rubric 2008.doc
  3. Download a copy of this page, the log sheet and the rubric and put them in your notebook for this month. Cite your souces in MLA format.
  4. Cassette #5-Come to class before or after school or at lunch. Make an appointment first and don’t wait to the last minute!
  5. Les Questions-Matching: Do this matching game and record your score on the log sheet. (8 points)
  6. La Famille-interro--record score on your log sheet. (11 points)
  7. Écouter #1-Listen to this weather report and do the exercises. (7 points) Record your score on the log sheet.
  8. L'arbre de famille pour les rois (kings) et les reines (queens) de France. Make a list of 20 people on this whose names sound interesting to you. (20 points) Put this exercise on your log sheet and in your notebook.
  9. Allô Papy Watch this fun video and make a list of 30 words you understand in French. Then, using you adjectives write 3 sentences describing three of the characters. (36 points) Put both of these exercises on your log sheet and in your notebook.
  10. Joe le Taxi-une petite fille chante Just watch and enjoy. Record on log sheet.
  11. Une carte interactive de la France Click on the map and find 2 pictures each from 10 cities (20 pictures) from our map in class. List the city and the name of the place/food/custom. Arrange the pictures and the information into a well-organized collage, brochure, etc. Only use 81/2"x11 paper". (40 points) Cite your sources.
  12. La méteo: Watch this weather video and write down 20 words in French that you can understand.(20 points)
  13. La méteo2: Follow the weather of France for 5 days. Make a chart, List the days and write 4 sentences in French about the weather and the temperatures, along with the 5 different cities each day. Cite and list at two other things on this site for each day. (30 points-writing grade)
  14. Take two assignments we have done in class. Put them in your notebook. Reflect in English on what you learned from these activities. Also reflect on how you learned it, the challenges and mistakes you made during the learning process and how you are going to keep practicing these items in order to acquire them.
  15. Now write two paragraphs in English about the notebook activities you did this month. Include what you could do well, what challenges you faced and what mistakes you made before you finished. Elaborate how these challenges and mistakes helped you learn and research on your own. Add anything else that highlights your learning process.

Reminder: You may NOT ever use an online translator (that includes for what you read and view) or consult an English version/translation of programs/articles/etc!)